Paul Auster interviewt Lou Reed: ‘Everybody has to start somewhere’

december 2, 2013

Lou Reed: You should hear my first record! No, I mean the 45! (“Lever For Me”/ “So Blue” by The Lades, at age 14)

Paul Auster: I can imagine. Everyone starts out…

Lou Reed: You know what is funny about that? There is a Velvet Underground compilation that is out, that should be pretty good, and on it, apparently, because I haven’t listened to it, is a very, very early tape of us at the very beginning. And I’ve seen in print, people say, ‘It’s unbelievable. Their writing and sound is so derivative of other people’. And my response to that is, ‘Everybody has to start somewhere’.

Paul Auster: It’s absolutely true, and I can even go further than that. Having taught writing, for my sins…

Lou Reed: Where?

Paul Auster: …at Princeton, back in the ’80s. I did that for about five years. Now, I always felt that the most talented kids were the ones who were turning in the worst work. If I saw a 20 year-old student able to turn out something that looked like a John Cheever story with a certain degree of power and accomplishment, I realised there was no hope for that person, because he had already limited his horizons, he wasn’t pushing the boundaries, he wasn’t testing himself, he wasn’t trying to do something new, he was just regurgitating what he felt his elders wanted from him. And the kids that were all over the place and taking risks and blundering about; those were the ones I had hope for. You know, too much early accomplishment is not a good thing. I don’t think you develop.

Lees het fantastische interview op Dazed Digital.


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