Second Opinion

november 30, 2013


Op Toofisme

the reader

Voor Anis Shivani lijdt het geen twijfel: “F” van Franz Wright is het poëzieboek van de eeuw:

f“I could make the case that this book will outlast nearly everything else being published in American poetry these days, and will emerge as the standout book of the era when all is said and done. Wright deals here with mortality in a direct and sincere manner few other poets today can match. After reading Wright, the faux hysteria of most contemporary poets when it comes to grief, mourning, and allied emotions appears almost juvenile by comparison, whereas every word in Wright’s poems is fully earned, leaving no doubt about the poet’s reservoirs of courage and honesty. This, at last, is the answer to what comes after the alleged end of lyric poetry: not the gamesmanship of conceptual poetry and associated mannerisms, but a lyric poetry so illuminating and forthright that it turns the whole tradition of the last 100 years–say, since Rilke–on its head. Nobody but nobody deals with death like Wright. He is our greatest contemporary poet.” (huffingtonpost)

Essays van Zadie Smith

november 12, 2013


“For writers have only one duty, as I see it: the duty to express accurately their way of being in the world.”

7 essays van Zadie Smith online.

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