Ann Cotten: interview

oktober 24, 2013

“I can’t stand collaboration. But I am interested in other people. I just won’t work with them in an artistic manner.

And yet, I do benefit from this atmosphere – it’s easier to speak to strangers. There are a lot of possibilities, beautiful and weird young people gather together. It’s successful as well as the opposite of success.

On the other hand, there are other cities with kindred atmosphere. I found that in Naples, the Neapolitans speak with each other like trusted colleagues. It was much better there than in Berlin. Here in Berlin, the successful people keep their careers front of mind and those without success just complain.

Perhaps the openness in Berlin means that one must defend one’s self against collaboration, rather than be thankful for it. One can lose one’s self into false courtesy and moronic celebration of creativity, which makes collaborators idiotic at times.”

Ann Cotten: interview.


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