George Oppen: ‘I’m not Dr Johnson’

juli 22, 2013


“I think the things said it to me. My secret belief is that the thing finally says it to me, as if it’s shone out. It’s what phenomena is, a shining-out. I think the things said it to me. What I’m talking about is consciousness.  I’m not manic, in that people think I’m saying this. Likewise Dr Johnson: “My God, Sir, it’s there.” I am not that. I’m not Dr Johnson. I’m talking about consciousness, I know I’m talking about consciousness. But I have this point to make about consciousness. It’s like Descartes’ proof about the cogito. You know your own consciousness exists, and your own consciousness is actual, and therefore consciousness in itself, and by itself, creates,  affirms the fact of actualness.  And we are plunged into this miracle of actualness. And that’s why the little objects mean so much to me. I’m not playing with little objects.” George Oppen  Interview 1973.

Gedichten van Oppen via deze link.


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