Interview + vertaalde gedichten Arnoud van Adrichem op 3:am

november 28, 2011

3:AM: Would you consider Holland a conservative country now?

AvA: It’s true that our country is led by a center-right or conservative minority cabinet of the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy and the Christian Democratic Appeal, which is supported in parliament by the Party for Freedom to obtain a majority. But that doesn’t make Holland necessarily a conservative country. For instance, with 30 seats in the parliament – just one less than the Party for Freedom – the Dutch Labour Party is still the largest opposition party in the country, even though nowadays their popularity is decreasing. And according to even more recent exit polls the Socialist Party is the second largest party.

Lees het interview op 3:am.

Vijf gedichten uit Vis werden door Willem Groenewegen in het Engels vertaald.


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