Nieuwe biografie Alfred Jarry

november 13, 2011

Interview met Alastair Brotchie die een kritische biografie schreef van Alfred Jarry, Alfred Jarry: A Pataphysical Life, uitgegeven bij MIT Press:

“I think Pataphysics was, for Jarry, a way of holding the contradictory aspects of his personality in some sort of precarious balance. In his novel , it appears as a scientific (i.e. objective) means of intensifying subjective experience. In this aspect it somewhat resembles Rimbaud’s idea of the poet making himself a ‘seer’ through the deliberate ‘derangement of the senses’. Jarry certainly employed the same means (drink and drugs) but could not have known of these ideas of Rimbaud’s, then unpublished. Later, Pataphysics assumed for Jarry a more philosophic tone, it became a means of exploring inversions of meaning with a logic ‘every bit as irrefutable as that of the mad or the senile’. Pataphysics in fact provided a rigorously logical underpinning for his “monstrous” character, and also a rationale for the more extreme non-conformities of his daily life.”

Het volledige interview op Frieze.


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