Poëzie en wetenschap

november 3, 2011

De Canadese professor/dichter Christian Bök, bekend om zijn genetisch gecodeerd gedicht, voert een al dan niet gefingeerd gesprek met ‘een wetenschapper’:

Christian Bök: I’m disappointed to think that poets aren’t responding to science – which is probably the most important cultural activity we do as a species. I think scientific literacy is part of being culturally literate now, and this project is an attempt to respond intelligibly to that.

Scientist: But these philosophers, whose hands seem only made to dabble in dirt, and their eyes pore over the microscope or crucible, have indeed performed miracles. They penetrate into the recesses of nature and show how she works in her hiding-places. They have acquired new and almost unlimited powers. So much has been done, more will I achieve; treading in the steps already marked, I will pioneer a new way, explore unknown powers, and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation.

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One Response to “Poëzie en wetenschap”

  1. Typisch. die Bök kent Leo Vroman niet als dichter natuurlijk, in Noord-Amerika is hij enkel bekend als de Dr. Vroman van het gelijknamige effect.

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