Ierse dichter-president schrijft ‘mad-dog-shite’

november 3, 2011

Vorige week werd de Ierse ‘dichter’ Michael D Higgins verkozen tot negende president van de Ierse Republiek. Volgens the Guardian evenwel is Higgins een ‘slechte dichter’ of eigenlijk ‘helemaal geen dichter’:

“As Michael D Higgins is announced the new president of the Irish Republic, no doubt we’ll be told repeatedly that the politician is also a poet. Having read the poem “When Will My Time Come?” I wonder where this assumption comes from.”

“The Northern Irish poets have a phrase for rubbish poetry. I first heard it from Longley himself, though I believe he said he got it from Frank Ormsby: mad-dog-shite. I’m afraid I think this is the category into which “When Will My Time Come” effortlessly slips. Whoops!”

Op The Guardian (via Harriet)

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