Maarten Inghels in English

oktober 24, 2011

3:AM: What are your feelings towards poetry in Belgium at the moment? Is there a sense new and exciting work is being produced by new generations of poets?

MI: There is definitely a new breed of poets, or at least: suddenly published their first book. Unlike the past, and completely normal in a highly individualized world, everyone does his own thing. Of course their work is exciting and new; you have Lies Van Gasse with more mysterious and physical poems or Andy Fierens with his unique type of performance poetry.

3:AM: Tell me about the literary culture of Antwerp, are there many poets, many readings?

MI: Definitely yes. You can pave streets here with poets. Maybe it is a coincidence, but there seems to be a new poetic culture since Antwerp was World Book Capital in 2004. And now also, you have Felix Poetry Festival, an international poetry festival wich I was lucky enough to curate for the last two editions. And there is also no other city in Flanders where the City Poet Laureate is so embraced.

Lees het interview met Maarten Inghels en drie (door Willem Groenewegen) vertaalde gedichten.


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