The Dutch are coming

oktober 11, 2011

Vertaler Tim Parks signaleert Engelse vertalingen van Nederlandstalige romans op The New York review of Books:

“If there are moments in Boon, Claus, and Mulisch when, without the aid of footnotes, one feels lost, this is rarely the case with contemporary Dutch novels, where the desire to appeal to an international public can be seen as an instructive case of a worldwide trend.”


2 Responses to “The Dutch are coming”

  1. Dit heet dus selectief citeren. Wie het hele artikel leest kan alleen maar concluderen dat NLs literature (Past & Present) te Hollands is…no universal appeal outside of Dutch Speaking World.

    Niet voor niets eindigt hij zijn essay met:

    “It might be a mistake to imagine that what gets immediately translated into English is entirely representative of contemporary Dutch writing. When I visited the country in July many bookshops featured the novel Tonio by A.F.Th. van der Heijden, an author celebrated for his seven-volume autobiographical saga about life in Amsterdam, The Toothless Time. Considered one of Holland’s foremost novelists, van der Heijden is not translated into English.

    Perhaps, addressed specifically to the Dutch, his work might, in Coetzee’s words, be “wasted on foreign readers.”

  2. jjpollet Says:

    Het is nochtans een stokpaardje van Tim Parks dat de hedendaagse Nederlandstalige auteurs meer internationaal gericht zijn. Als vertaler merkt hij dat aan hun taalgebruik dat eenvoudiger te vertalen is. Gerbrand Bakker bijvoorbeeld zou ‘Engelser’ schrijven dan Claus:
    “Rather, it seemed that the contemporary writers had already performed a translation within their own languages; they had discovered a lingua franca within their own vernacular, a particular straightforwardness, an agreed order for saying things and perceiving and reporting experience, that made translation easier and more effective. ”

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