Ailbhe Darcy (1981), poëzie uit Ierland

oktober 2, 2011

3:am interviewde de Ierse dichteres Ailbhe Darcy (1981) die momenteel in Indiana woont. In 2009 verscheen de bundel A Fictional Dress bij tall-lighthouse press; haar eerste volwaardige bundel, Imaginary Menagerie, wordt uitgegeven door Bloodaxe Books dit jaar. Samen met Clodagh Moynan is ze redactrice van het online literair tijdschrift Moloch.

Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain was maybe the beginning of a whole generation’s obsession with the quirky – our slightly desperate attempts to become individuals though superficial difference, doomed attempts because we live in a world now where every flaunted difference is immediately rendered kitsch. It’s an obsession which has culminated in our drinking fruit smoothies from bottles with little knitted woollen hats, and when you watch Amélie now, it seems twee. But in that moment, seeing it for the first time, I was riveted. And afterwards, over a Pernod, my French-Breton companion slated the movie – its Frenchness, its whiteness, its conservative Rightness – with an intensity and rigour to which I was not at all accustomed, and I was captivated by that, too, that sense that the cultural products we consume are a matter for our grave attention.”

Lees het interview en drie gedichten.


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