Interview met Ron Silliman tijdens baseball wedstrijd

september 22, 2011

Jim: And you’re working on something now called The Universe. Is there—

Ron: No. I’m working on something now called Universe. It’s not necessarily a noun. So there’s no “the.”

Jim: Oh. Universe. I’m sorry.

[Ball hit to shortstop]

Ron: Whoa! Double play!

Jim: Is your process similar to when you wrote The Alphabet?

Ron: Yes, it is.

Jim: Is it something you talk about? Do you write things in handwriting first? Or you type things up?

Ron: One section I’m working on writing with PDAs and cell phones. It’s called Feral Machines. And it will go into the computer, eventually. All the other sections are being done with pen. But I am doing some things differently at this point. I have been using basically the same pen for 30 years.

Lees verder op Poetry Foundation.


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