Tom McCarthy: psychanalyse en literatuur

september 9, 2011

Tom McCarthy, de schrijver van de roman C – publiceerde een essay, ‘Against Psychology — in Praise of Freud‘  in Scotland on Sunday waarin hij een lans breekt voor Sigmund Freud:

“I WANT to make four claims. The first is that Freud should be seen, alongside Marx and Darwin, as the towering intellectual figure behind what, for lack of space, I’ll call “modernity”. The claim is hardly new: it’s been made numerous times, not least by Freud himself. But it still needs to be re-stated. “

“‘Literature, in short, is not made up of ‘characters’: it understands that existence, whether individual or collective, is formed and unformed within networks of language and ceremony, spread across topographies whose axes, or gravitational force-fields, are law, pleasure and mortality, subject to the exigencies of topography itself. As such, it offers, at its deepest, neither commentary nor entertainment; rather, it is the very source-code of our being, index of its contingencies. Freud understands this too, of course, and directly articulates it more brilliantly and systematically than anyone before or since. Which is why psychoanalysis, and not psychology, can lay claim to an intense, perhaps even an incestuous, relationship with literature'”


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