James Joyce: interview uit 1922

augustus 18, 2011

“All great talkers,” he said softly, “have spoken in the language of Sterne, Swift or the Restoration. Even Oscar Wilde. He studied the Restoration through a microscope in the morning and repeated it through a telescope in the evening.” “And in Ulysses?” I asked. “They are all there, the great talkers” he answered, “them and the things they forgot. In Ulysses I have recorded, simultaneously, what a man says, sees, thinks, and what seeing, thinking, sayin does, to what you Freudians call the subconscious, – but as for psychoanalysis” he broke off, “it’s neither more nor less than blackmail.”

Djuna Barnes interviewde James Joyce voor Vanity Fair, Maart 1922. (volledig interview in pdf via Susan Tomaselli’s tumblr)


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