Lies Van Gasse: interview op 3:am

augustus 15, 2011

Our first Belgian poet to be featured in the Maintenant series, Lies Van Gasse...

3:AM: How do you see yourself fundamentally? As a poet?

LVG: I was thinking about this a lot when Michaël Vandebril asked me to make live drawings on the ‘Nacht van de Poëzie’. When he asked me, I was truly excited, because it was something I always dreamed of as a visual artist. And it was fun! Yet afterwards people said they thought it strange that I didn’t want to show off with my poetry. I on the other hand was just glad that Michaël made me present myself very much as I am; a very complete, natural artist who uses different media for different messages. And that’s mainly how I feel about it and how I would want people to regard me. Sometimes I write a lot and other times I am obsessed with drawing, but I am always an artist.

Lees het interview en bekijk 7 graphic poems in het Engels.


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