Douglas Coupland: interview 2001

juli 29, 2011

“Writing is more art school than anything else. I didn’t go to college or university, so for better or worse, if I have to ally myself with some sort of academia it’s the visual arts. I think of my books as something you put on a wall first, then you experience performance art. These words are art supplies, really. I’m aware of critical theory, I’m more interested in how it applies to the visual, rather than a document.”

“In the other books I’ve written, characters tend to ponder and wonder and think, and I just thought, ‘Fuck it. I’m just going to write something that starts at 90 miles an hour and never slows down.’ And once the characters were born, which didn’t take much time at all, they essentially shanghaied the whole book. And I thought, ‘This is really scary, the characters have taken over the book. Wait those characters are me, I made them up…AAAHHHH!‘”

zei  Douglas Coupland in een interview met 3:AM Magazine, november 2001.


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