To print is a performance!

juli 18, 2011

“We want artists to make books, and writers to experiment with materiality – why spend years writing a book and then give the production of the object, the enduring presentation of your work, to bored design teams and marketing departments, as is the case with most commercial publishing? No – we are for full collaboration! Publishing, every aspect of it, is an artistic gesture with political, artistic and, in third place, commercial implications. To print is a performance!”

“We wanted to meet people basically: we knew Berlin was a locus of incredible international creation. We got lucky, some money came our way, we met very quickly wonderful contributors. And of course we came across FUK Laboratories – they’re extremely talented at book-making! We got content for our first book You Are Here, very complex content in five languages and a variety of genre and over email we sent them all the material and it was amazing to meet them at the end of the process – they surpassed all expectations, we saw eye-to-eye on how design can give spatial life to editorial decisions.”

Lees het interview met John Holten, schrijver en mede-oprichter van het internationaal georiënteerde Broken Dimanche Press op Crap = Good.


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