Nomadische dichter uit Ierland: Marcus Slease

mei 22, 2011

Marcus Slease is geboren in Portadown, Noord-Ierland in 1974. Hij is een nomadische dichter en heeft op diverse plaatsen geleefd en gewerkt: MIlton Keyes (U.K.), Seoul (Korea), Elblag (Polen), Katowice (Polen), Ankara (Turkije), North Carolina (USA), Bellingham/Seattle (USA), Utah (USA), Trieste (Italië).  Op dit ogenblik woont, werkt en geeft hij les in Londen. Hij is de schrijver van  Godzenie (BlazeVOX 2009) en This is the Motherfucking Remix (een samenwerking met Brian Hower rond gangster rap and en ander bestaand tekstmateriaal).

3:AM: Could you discuss your collection Godzenie with Blazevox, an outstanding publisher in the US?

MS: Godzenie was written out of experiences living in an industrial area of southern Poland. Godzenie is a Polish word that means to reconcile. I was attempting to undergo a process of writing that reconciles the inner workings of what we might call mind and what might be outside the mind. I ended up writing a kind of documentary poetics. Perhaps a Poland of the mind. The book is divided into three parts. The first part, Block 7A, was written from the window of a huge soviet style block of flats in Zory, southern Poland. I lived with a old very Catholic lady named Vogel which means ‘bird’ in German and took buses to villages and small towns to teach English. It was often very isolating with no internet or contact with English speakers etc. Not much except snow. I wanted to see what was in my mind.

Interview  en  Gedichten van Marcus Slease.


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