“Sara in her Father’s arms” George Oppen

januari 9, 2010

Sara in her father’s arms

Cell by cell the baby made herself, the cells
Made cells. That is to say
The baby is made largely of milk. Lying in her farher’s arms,
the little seed eyes
Moving, trying to see, smiling for us
To see, she will make a household
To her need of these rooms – Sara, little seed,
Little violent, diligent seed. Come let us look at the world
Glittering: this seed will speak,
Max, words! Ther will be no other words in the world
But those our children speak. What will she make of a world
Do you suppose, Max, of which she is made.

George Oppen, New Collected Poems uitgegeven bij A New Directions Book,  2008.

Uit een recensie in The Guardian:
“Oppen was, with Louis Zukofsky, Carl Rakosi, Charles Reznikoff and others, one of the founding participants in what came to be known as Objectivist poetry, although he always denied that they represented a coherent movement. Oppen’s first book, Discrete Series, was published in 1934 by the Objectivist Press, a venture he ran with Zukofsky and Reznikoff. Ezra Pound wrote a preface in which he saluted Oppen as “a serious craftsman” with a unique sensibility.”


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