Damian Hirst

juni 19, 2008

Chris Evans, een DJ van BBC radio, speelde deze ‘dot painting’ van Damian Hirst kwijt tijdens een verhuizing.
Geschatte waarde: £ 240,000. (en Hirst lééft nog NB.!)

2 Responses to “Damian Hirst”

  1. […] Dot painting by Damien Hirst lost by Chris Evans a BBC radio DJ. […]

  2. paul Says:


    First of all I want to appoligise for my poor english. (I’m from Belgium and normaly speak dutch)
    I stumbled across your article about Damien Hirst.I myself am very intrested in this artist. This because about 2 years ago I bought a spin painting.In my following research of this painting I showed it to several experts. Among them one from Christie’s Brussels. Their opinion was unanimous? They believe this piece was created by Damien Hirst.(early nineties)
    I then was refered to Whitecube. This because this gallery is responsible for the certification of his work. Here it is that the troubles started. The painting I have, does not have his signature on the backside (similar as 30 percent of his work) It does have a paraph on the frontside in the bottomleft corner.This is not yet a disaster if I provide the name of the first owner. This is not possible. Due to reasons beyond my control I’m not able to discover the first owners name. Without the name Whitecube does not want to recognise the painting. Upon delivery of this name everything changes. Then the certification would be absolutely no problem the gallery stated, because the Christie’s expert already gave it the green light. Now for my question: Is it possible to retrace the name of the first owner? And if not is there another way to get this painting certified as an original Damien Hirst? If needed I can provide additional informationand detailled pictures. If you are interessted in this story, plerase feel free to e-mail me. pavlo.hilde@hotmail.com
    thank you.

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