the poor and the weak

april 24, 2008

Today I met the defenders of the poor and the weak. Red is their colour. Serious is their face. I talked about myself. They believed me. But I had the feeling that they were not very interested. They asked me if I was prepared to be their friend. Of course, I answered. Why not, I continued. Do you know something about politics, they asked. Not a single thing, I said, but I suppose this will not jeopardize our friendship. They didn’t say a word. they didn’t laugh. They gave me a signed paper. We declare that he has been here today, was written on the paper. I said thank you. I told a little story about firemen. Will you join us on the first of may, they asked as I left. Yes I said, I will play the trumpet if you like.

Heard them laugh behind that door.

Butlers place

april 23, 2008

It was a nice conversation after all. Though I appeared tie-less and suit-less, they gently welcomed me at the Butlers place. I love rich people. They create work. And work is a good solution for hunger and poverty. Money is a spiritual force for survivors.

white shirt

april 22, 2008

One of the white shirts I bought yesterday at WE:

Twee witte hemden maatje 41 bij WE in de Veldstraat: € 25 ‘tstuk.

Roodbaarsfilet met gele paprika’s, ui, look,
witte wijn Entre deux mers (€ 5,50 bij Colruyt)
40 min op 190° in de oven. Simple comme bonjour.

Mailtje: het gaat tot onze spijt niet door.

Morgen naar Brussel.
En naar de kapper.

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